Altered State by Crossville

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Artfully mimicking the beauty of oxidized and aged steel, copper, iron zinc, and chromium, Crossville introduces a porcelain tile in a metallurgic look. Just as metal artisans forge materials into uncommon compositions to provide strength and structure as well as to decorate and delight, Altered State melds strength and style beautifully in the hands of design professionals. Achieve the look of priceless materials enriched by the passage of time, in precisely crafted, porcelain tile. Just as air and water age metal, Altered State’s graphics evoke both processes with highly detailed visuals and glazes.

Color: Copper Core 12"X24"
  • Acid Wash 12"X24"
  • Acid Wash 24"X24"
  • Acid Wash 6"X24"
  • Acid Wash Mosaic 2"X12"
  • Copper Core 12"X24"
  • Copper Core 24"X24"
  • Copper Core 6"X24"
  • Copper Core Mosaic 2"X12"
  • Melting Point 12"X24"
  • Melting Point 24"X24"
  • Melting Point 6"X24"
  • Melting Point Mosaic 2"X12"
  • Steel Gaze 12"X24"
  • Steel Gaze 24"X24"
  • Steel Gaze 6"X24"
  • Steel Gaze Mosaic 2"X12"
  • White Hot 12"X24"
  • White Hot 24"X24"
  • White Hot 6"X24"
  • White Hot Mosaic 2"X12"
Available Size: 12" X 24"
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Product Line
Altered State
Copper Core 12"X24"
12" X 24"
Field Tile
Shade Range

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