Convergence by Crossville

Glass Tile |SKU# CON04.10404MOSP

There is a tendency in nature for unrelated species to evolve in appearance, taking on similar characteristics under similar environmental conditions. You are invited to explore a convergence of design and style. Natural glamour offers a surprising and beautiful secret with Crossville's Convergence Mosaics. Edge-grain woods are awash in vibrant color and cast in polished glass mosaics for an earth shattering look of wood grain with a lustrous sheen. This line of 12 x 12 mosaics melds bio-mimicry with an artistic splash under the sophisticated brilliance of glass. Let nature be your guide and color and shine be your paint brush. Beauty and style collide with Convergence.

Color: Pigeon 4"X4"
  • Chardonnay 4"X4"
  • Currant 4"X4"
  • Indigo 4"X4"
  • Orchid 4"X4"
  • Peacock 4"X4"
  • Pearl 4"X4"
  • Pigeon 4"X4"
  • Sepia 4"X4"
Available Size: 12" X 12"
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Product Line
Pigeon 4"X4"
12" X 12"

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