Glass tile: adding the "wow" factor to your renovation

Glass tile adds modern style and color to any remodeling. Still, these sparkly little jewels have been used for thousands of years and evoke a feeling of luxury and elegance. Glass tiles come in assorted solid and multi-colors, various patterns, and a range of sizes. They are available as a mosaic tile or in shapes like subway rectangles, squares, and pennies and are often used in combination with other tiles.

Advantages of glass tile

Glass tiles make cleaning easy. They're nonporous, meaning stains won't be absorbed, and they won't hide mold or mildew. Dirt will be in plain sight, so you won't have to guess when it's time to mop or wipe. Glass tile is also: 1. Environmentally friendly. First, it takes less energy to produce, about half that of ceramics. Second, they can also come from recycled glass, from a landfill, melted, and then shaped into tiles. This also gives it a handcrafted look. 2. Durable. They're a lot stronger than they look. If you plan to use them on the floor, ensure they've passed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Employ common-sense every day cautions to avoid scratches, such as not wearing high heels on them, using protective furniture pads, or strategically placing mats when needed. 3. They’re stylish. Most will reflect light rather than absorb it. This makes the mosaic tile glow with a radiance you won't find in any other flooring material. It should also be noted here that mosaics are currently trending for bathroom floors, as much for their style as the fact that they have many grout lines, which increases grip.

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Combine it with other types of tile

Many will use glass tiles to accent ceramics, metal, or stone to create various price points and unique, personalized designs. You may also want to consider porcelain, especially in busy, highly trafficked rooms like the kitchen; it's heavier and denser but is as stylish as it is hard-wearing, available in countless colors and designs. Another good choice is the 4 X4 square which is highly designed, often glazed, and comes in various shapes and sizes. 

Consider glass tile for your remodeling project, especially if you're thinking of transforming your floor, wall, countertop, or backsplash. Come into the Kraftician Design Surfaces showroom in Livermore, CA if you live or work in Livermore, CA, Pleasanton, CA, San Ramon, CA, Dublin, CA && Sunol, CA. We'd love to show you samples, explain more, and give you a quote.