Why you’ll consider natural stone flooring

If you're looking for elegance and luxury in a product that's as hard as rocks, think about natural stone flooring, one of the most sought-after products among homeowners, architects, designers, and builders. As in anything created by Mother Nature, every slab has different veining and colors that will give you a distinctive and one-of-a-kind floor, countertop, or fireplace surround. In short, you'll never see your stone in anyone else's home.

Advantages of stone flooring

Natural stone flooring is ultra-durable and long-lasting, but each has a different porosity level, so speak to an expert about sealing to eliminate staining and make cleaning easier. While we carry many kinds of natural stone, we'd like to point out two, in particular, that are especially hot right now. These are slate and travertine tile. They are popular because of both their aesthetics and functionality. Neutral, earthy colors like beige, brown, tan, gray, black, and blue, are classic and will likely never go out of style, but they are prevalent. These colors are timeless and versatile enough to work with any decor. Travertine has a color palette that ranges from beige to rust, while slate tiles are usually black, dark green, or gray (but can also be red, purple, blue, or gold). Both are ultra-durable and resistant to wear. Slate is also easy to repair because of its multi-toned color palette; fill in the chip or scratch with epoxy, and it will be well-hidden.

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Stone finishes

Polished finishes, often used on floors, are often associated with marble, but they are also sometimes used for porcelain, one of our specialties. Polishing adds a contemporary look to any environment, from luxe-modern to retro to art deco. You can use this finish whether you want to create a design statement or enhance your room.  Honed is a smooth mat or satin finish with a simple, contemporary look with more texture than a genuinely polished finish. Brushed looks like it was done with a steel comb looking more rustic and authentic. While tumbled is ideal for anyone seeking a truly rustic look, replicate the authenticity of a period home with aged floors with more texture towards the grout lines to simulate an antique look.

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Natural stone flooring is a gorgeous, value-adding addition to your home, and we carry all stones from granite and quartz to marble, limestone, slate, travertine, and more. To explore, visit the Kraftician Design Surfaces showroom in Livermore, CA, convenient to Livermore, CA, Pleasanton, CA, San Ramon, CA, Dublin, CA && Sunol, CA. You'll also walk out with a quote.