How to choose hardwood flooring

Wood floors are stunning. They have natural beauty, charm, warmth and are versatile enough to work with any decor, whether your style is rustic, modern urban, California coastal, industrial-chic or cottage, etc. Please continue reading to learn more about why we think you should consider hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent investment

Most people don't associate ROI with flooring, but that's what hardwood is. Hardwood flooring lasts for decades, so there are minimal replacement costs. You'll also recoup your investment in several ways: 80%-90% of your initial purchase price is seen as an increase in your property values. For example, a $400 house could become worth $432 or more. We're also told that potential buyers will often pay 2.5% more for a home with wood floors and that the visual appeal makes them sell faster and easier.

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Understand the two types of hardwood

Engineered wood flooring is taking a significant share of the wood flooring industry because it appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality. You'll still have your beautiful oak, maple, ash or hickory, etc., floors, but the construction is different. Underneath are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with resin and placed in a crosswise position, and, as a result, these wood floors are more stable and better able to handle water.

Familiarize yourself with species’ style

Domestic woods, like oak, maple, ash, birch, hickory, are harvested within North America and are warmer and are warmer, and more traditional. Exotics, such as teak, Brazilian cherry, rosewood, Jarrah, or ebony, are harvested in Brazil, Southeast Asia, and Africa. They are darker, more dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary. Also, look at hardness because not all hardwood flooring is the same. Both white and red oak are substantial, and hickory is considered to be the most solid domestic. All exotics are rigid. Explore the Janka Hardness Scale; as the numbers increase, so does the hardness.
Hardwood flooring in Livermore, CA from Kraftician Design Surfaces

Decide on finishes

Finishes can be oil, water-based, or polyurethane. Some prefer it be done at the factory because they know what they are getting right away, and there's no mess or odor with which to deal. Others prefer on-site because there are greater customization possibilities.  

At Kraftician Design Surfaces, we carry some of the most high-quality names in hardwood flooring, including Provenza, Hallmark, LM, and California Classics. To learn more and get a quote, come into our showroom in Livermore, CA. We work with homeowners, construction businesses and home improvement professionals in and around Livermore, CA, Pleasanton, CA, San Ramon, CA, Dublin, CA and Sunol, CA.